Brand new for 2017, Vaughn Custom Sports have revamped their Ventus line and brought the SLR Junior pad into the goaltending game. The SLR Junior leg pad is one of the lightest goalie pads on the market, and one of the lightest of Vaughn’s offerings.

The SLR has a full preshaped and lightweight core with foam reinforcements to give the pad flex when the goalie wants, but stiffness when the goalie needs it. The foam reinforcements are on the face of the pad which gives the pad a lightweight feel but is able to kick pucks hard and away to the corners.

Almost all of the conventional leather straps have been removed from the pad and replaced with elastic straps that are strategically sewn around the leg to keep the goalie connected to the pad. The Velcro knee lock can be attached around the knee or down to the calf depending on the goalies preference. Next, there is a wide double back elastic strap on the calf to control the middle portion of the pad. On the boot, Vaughn has kept a traditional leather strap to attach the pad to the skate.

New for Vaughn’s design is the Reactive Rotation Control strap which sits above the calf, but below the knee. This is a large padded strap with an elastic core which gives the goalie the desired attached feel they are looking for. Also, this strap connects with a standard plastic buckle which makes it easier for the goalie to attach.

If you are an average-level goaltender wanting the traditional Vaughn name combined with a lightweight core and redesigned strapping, look no further than the Vaughn SLR Junior Goalie Leg Pad.

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