Here we collect essential information for you as a customer.

First and foremost, we hope you and your family have not been affected by the ongoing virus.

You, your family and our staff's health are now the biggest and first priorities.

Here we have chosen to collect and present some of the things we are doing right now in respect of and to act according to prevailing circumstances.

Monkeysports internal actions:

We have canceled all external meetings, trainings and events indefinitely.

We have scheduled staff to have as few in place as possible at the same time.

We have reduced the number of orders and receipt of deliveries from suppliers.

We have reduced our opening hours for both stores and customer service.

You can find our opening hours here

Monkeysports external actions for you as a customer:

In order to keep our business alive and at the same time care about you as a customer, we have in recent days changed the following things:

1. We now have increased our Sale on half of our productline. See here

2. We have reduced prices on products already on Sale. See here

3. For those of you who shop online within the European union (inlcuding Norway), we will lower freight cost.

4. For those who buy something from us during April and May, we now offer the possibility to return and change products for 6 months. (Shipping cost will add)

Without you we will not exist and something that is certain is that we will get through this together.

Thank you for visiting us. // Monkeysports Sweden