The all-new Bauer NME8 improves on the ultra-popular NME7 mask by inserting some of the pro-level technology into a more budget friendly mask.

The NME8 begins with a fiberglass base with aramid fiber reinforcement, resulting in a both stiff and durable shell to disperse energy away from the goaltender's head. Next, vibration dampening tape creates a more comfortable experience for the goalie upon puck impact by dispersing the energy traveling through the shell before it reaches the liner. Lastly, a carbon edge wrap reduces chipping to the most prone areas of the mask.

Internally, the Bauer NME8 goal mask features an improved mechanically attached liner with three layers of vinyl nitrile foam paired with soft comfort padding in pressure zones.

The NME8 features a stainless steel flat wire cage with added protection around the wire to help absorb impact and prevent damage to the shell.

Like the NME10, the NME8 mask is offered in three sizes ranging from Fit 1 to Fit 3. This sizing scale equates to a Small, Medium, and Large respectively. See size chart for additional information.

If you are a goaltender looking for a technology packed mask at a budget friendly price point, look no further than the Bauer NME8.

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